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10 Creepy And Cool Facts About Spiders You Never Knew!

While spiders are kind of interesting with their abilities to spin webs, create their own homes, and their superior vision, they’re definitely creepy and worth fearing! Certainly some of the most terrifying spiders in the world are Zebra Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Brazilian Wandering Spiders, and Sydney Funnel Spiders. Although most of these are located out of the US, they’re still super interesting! Despite that, heres 10 creepy, cool, and interesting facts about spiders!

10 Creepy & Cool Facts About Spiders You Never Knew!

  • Spiders egg sacks can contain 1000 babies!
  • Jumping spiders can jump 50 times their body length!
  • The oldest spider lived was 43 years old!
  • Spiders are near-sided!
  • American Tarantulas use their hair as a defense mechanism!
  • Spiders are unable to digest solid food, only liquids!
  • Spiders can lay up to 3000 eggs at one time!
  • Wolf Spiders can run 2 feet per second!
  • Spiders can turn their webs into slingshots!
  • There are 25 tons of spiders living on earth!

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