10 Reasons you might Have a Wildlife Problem

You might have noticed some activity, especially at night time!

Along with the change of season (Hey, a couple degrees counts!), wild animals are also trying whatever they can to stay warm and cozy. Hopefully for you, you wont have to share your household with free loaders who aren’t paying any rent! Whether it’s a vulnerable old wall, a crack, or an open window/door, raccoons, squirrels, and rodents alike are all on the move!

Why should you care?

With the change of weather, armadillos, raccoons, possum, feral cats, snakes, and rodents are all looking for a way to shake the cool weather (or just stay warm!). You can’t really blame them as they’re running this rat race that we call “life” too (you can hold your applause for my puns until the end). You can, however, have a say in where they stay!  Everyone should use these tips to keep wildlife from entering your home or business this holiday season:

  • Outfit door sweeps for exterior doorways and be sure that there aren’t any holes/damage to your porch or pool screens.
  • Lookout for roof damage for areas that may be vulnerable to entry / susceptible to damage
  • Be sure that your chimney is outfitted with a cap.
  • Lookout and repair, if needed, any cracks or entry ways around the exterior wall of your home.
  • Make sure that trees aren’t touching your roof as this provides a highway for all sorts of pests, not just wildlife.
  • Ensure your garbage cans have lids when you take them out or if storing them outside.
  • Make sure that you dispose of leaf  or debris piles if doing yard work.
  • Do not leave food dishes outside over night
  • If you own fruit trees or have a garden, be sure to dispose of any ripe fruit that may have fallen to the ground.

Have uninvited guests showed up early to the party?

From the basic trapping and removing to wildlife exclusions, RH Miller Pest Services come highly recommended in Central Florida.  Wildlife Exclusions are highly recommended to keep critters from coming back, especially in situations where birds and bats are involved. We provide minor damage repairs and seal off hiding spaces and entry ways. Our thorough inspections will identify all points of entry. RH Miller Pest Services has been servicing the Central Florida area in cities like Sanford for over 25 years and have licensed wildlife experts on stand by to lend a hand this season. Please feel to give us a call today for a free quote @ 407-339-7119!