4 Simple Tips to Identify Termite Infestations

Termite infestations can cost homeowners $5 billion annually! That’s a lot of money down the drain that could be put towards home improvements. This could mean the difference between that vacation you’ve been waiting to take your family on! It would be a tragedy if the foundation of your home that you worked so hard to live in was at jeopardy. Every homeowner should know the tell-tale signs of potential termite activity. Here are some signs that all home owners should know to look for.

The Tell-tale Signs of Termite Infestations

  • Termite droppings and discarded wings – Frass, or termite droppings look like tiny black dots, very similar-looking to black pellets
  • Damaged or crumbling wood – Homeowners overlook this more than you’d think!
  • Hollow wood – Look out for piles of pellets, such as the one pictured here. After locating any pellet piles, you should tap on the adjacent wood and test to see if it sounds hollow
  • Mud Tubes – Are you noticing strange tube-like tunnels running up wooden walls (including in attics)? This is a sure-fire way to tell that you’re dealing with a full termite colony! You should seek professional help immediately if you were to stumble across the aforementioned tubes.

How to Secure Your Free Termite Inspection!

Some signs may seem way more obvious than others. Whatever the case may be, a potential termite infestation is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Contact us today if you have any suspicion of any sort of termite activity. In addition to that, a qualified technician to survey the area and advise on the best course of action completely free of charge! Don’t gamble when it comes to termites threatening the structural integrity of any building. RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area in cities like Winter Park for over a quarter of a century. Our experts are committed to getting results for your home or business. As with all of our services, our process starts with a free estimate. Call our offices today @ 407-339-7119 for a free termite inspection and estimate!

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