A Day in the Life of a Lawn Technician

A Day in the Life of a Lawn Technician. Ever wondered what your Lawn Technician does? Let’s take a look into the day of a Lawn Technician at RH Miller Pest Services.

Meet Joe, one or our licensed lawn technicians. If you have a lawn problem he is your man. Joe has been diagnosing lawn issues for over 20 years and is an expert in getting that show-stopping lawn that many dream of. His passion and dedication for the lawn health truly shows! Take a peak into his day!

Kicking of the Morning Right

Joe starts his day by reviewing the schedule, and discussing each lawn needs with the manager, Dave. Any lawns that are experiencing issues would be discussed in depth, focusing on finding a solution. Weather and traffic can also be discussed. Rain can a big issue in Florida, a lot of rain can alter the course of treatment. He then checks to make sure that he has the chemicals needed for the day and heads to his first job. Having a game plan of the day is crucial in lawn maintenance.

Green Thumb Guru

A Lawn Care Technician job description includes scouting, diagnosing and treating lawns. The first thing Joe would do when he arrives on a customer’s property is analyze the site. He will look for weed and disease pressure, and note any conditions that require attention. He will check out the shrub and trees on the property as well. making sure that they stay in good health. Then, he would try and make contact with the customer to discuss the service of the day. Also to educate the customer of any issues that they may see, such as the grass being cut to short or watering issues. If no one is home, which happens often, the office will make contact with the customer describing any issues he noticed on the property and/or the treatments he applied to their lawn.

Mid-day, is time for lunch—a great time to unplug for a bit and recharge for an afternoon of servicing lawns. After that, Joe wil touch base with the office to get any updates about the properties we’ll service next. If Joe is ahead of schedule, he will find out whether additional customers can be added to the day’s route.

After the day’s route is completed, Joe will return to the office to unload the truck, clean up his vehicle and equipment, then briefly review the next day’s schedule. At this time, he would discuss the day with management and advise if any chemicals need to be purchased.

One of Joe’s many gorgeous lawns he services

Need a Green Thumb

Joe isn’t the only Green Thumb Guru we have, All of us at RH Miller Pest Services take pride in making sure that you can have peace of mind. Servicing Central Florida for over 25 years, including areas like Deltona and Kissimmee, we have the expertise to get the results you desire! Bugs, Wildlife or Lawn; we do it all. Find out why we have a 5 STAR ratting on Google today! Give us a call @ 321-316-3948 to set up a free estimate and leave the rest to us!


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