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All About The Beautiful Florida Dragonflies

There are over 100 different species of dragonflies in Florida! Generally dragonfly names are created from their flying patterns, wing characteristics, and reproductive habits. Dragonflies love the water, so it’s no surprise that Florida is so populated with different types of dragonflies. Most dragonflies patrol over ponds and parking lots, while flying in speeds up to 30mph. While these creatures have an intimidating name, they’re truly beautiful and harmless!

Different Types Of Dragonflies In Florida

  • Blue Dashers

Blue Dashers are one of the most popular dragonflies in the U.S. They’re typically found near slow-moving waters like ponds. Males have a blue color from their heads to their abdomen. Females look a lot differently than the males, they typically have a black abdomen with yellow stripes along their sides. Baby dragonflies, regardless of their gender; usually look more like adult females. Like many other dragonflies, the Blue Dashers help with pest control by consuming hundreds of insects each day!

  • Yellow Sided Skimmers

Skimmers are most active during spring and throughout autumn. What’s cool about the skimmers is that male and female skimmers look very different but very similar. Males develop a powdery blue color over their tale and chest. On their chest yellow peeks out and goes under their wings too. Their wings are mostly clear but they have an orange line from the base to the tip. Females also have yellow on their abdomen with black stripes running down the spine. Her wings also have an orangey line but then they have darkness at the tips of the wings.

  • Mosaic Darners

Mosaic Darners are found all over North America! Their names come from an old belief that dragonflies could sew peoples lips shut. These types of dragonflies are pretty basic looking compared to the other types of dragonflies. Males are blue colored while females are typically green colored. They have a pattern on their face and on their abdomen. Darners also fly super fast, they move each wing independently-which allows them to hover and fly backwards!

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