Bug Free Resolution?

Bug Free New Years Resolution?-Well It’s finally here, the end of 2020 and we can all breath a sigh of relief. This year will go down in history as a year where our world was turned upside down and shaken a bit. But with the close of this year, one thing is for certain, being prepared can change any situation. How will you go into this year? rolling with the punches or taking your life into you own hands? Id’ say, leave nothing to chance and make changes now that can protect your investment down the road. While there are many things in life you’ll always have no control over, let bugs not be one of them. Here are a few tips to ringing in the new year in a positive way:

New Year, New Bug Free Resolution

  •  I will inspect my home to keep pests from coming in. Cracks, holes and crevices make perfect entryways for unwanted visitors. Be sure to check your home regularly for these passageways and block them or fix them to prevent pests from coming in.
  •   I will keep living areas clean, and less frequented areas even more clean! Of course, you don’t have to tell us twice to keep our kitchen free of uncovered or improperly stored food, or to clean and vacuum the living room and bedrooms regularly. However, remember that places where humans don’t spend much time can also become breeding grounds for pests. Be sure to inspect and clean your attic and your basement regularly as well.
  • I will check my pets for bugs. Fleas are not only irksome, they can also be harmful for you, your pets and your family. So make sure that you check your pets for fleas regularly and take proper flea control measures such as treating your backyard and carpets, washing pet blankets, toys and bedding.
  •  I will check inside and outside home areas, appliances, and plumbing regularly for standing water, dampness and leaks. Cockroaches, scorpions and mosquitoes love water, so keep bathrooms, backyards and kitchens free of pooled-up water, pipe leaks and dampness.
  • I will take measures during spring/fall cleaning, when putting clothes away. Every year, at least twice a year, you have to put your summer or your winter clothes away. Your storage area can become a place for infestations to occur. Be sure to wash your clothes before putting them away, store them in tightly sealed bags or containers and use cedar chips or other repellents to keep bugs away.
  •  I will check old and new furniture, cars and bedding for bed bugs. With bed bug infestations on the rise, it makes sense to check items in your house periodically for signs of bed bugs especially if you travel.
  •  I will make friends with a pest control company. What better way to prevent pests from invading your home than to acquaint yourself with a trusted pest control company?

New Year, Same Commitment

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