Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s cold outside, Baby, so don’t let your lawn suffer. A beautiful lawn is obtainable with patience, knowledge and time, even in the winter. Most people know that when the weather is warm, the grass must be watered if it is going to look appealing and stay healthy. What happens when the temperature drops? Is watering the grass a year-round beneficial in cold weather? Are there any benefits to keeping your lawn watered when it gets colder? Keep in mind, water is known for protecting the lawn. Yes, there are benefits to watering your grass in the colder months when the temperature drops. The following are benefits to having a watered lawn even when the temperature drops:

  • it keeps the roots hydrated
  • the roots will not die during the colder periods when watered
  • prevents frost damage (when watered prior to very low temperatures hitting)
  • Grass is strengthened when watered
  • water will help to fight damage to lawn from cold weather
  • keeps the lawn healthy
  • water will help the grass blades to retain heat and keeps moisture in the roots
  • provides added protection to the entire lawn
  • prevents the roots from becoming dormant

Cold Weather; Watering Routine

A really good time to water your lawn any season is going to be in the morning. Many people incorporate lawn watering into their morning routine. This is the best time to water because it will give the roots more time to absorb the water in a fresh and healthy way. However, when watered at night, the water does not evaporate causing fungus issues. Night watering offers extra time for unwanted pathogens to get into and infiltrate your entire lawn. Make sure to read your Lawn Technicians notes; In winter, it is recommended to cut back on watering to once a week.

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