Cool Weather is the Start Nesting of Season

Tis’ the season of pumpkins spice, leggings and bonfires! But for rats, squirrels, and many other pest, Tis’ the season of finding a place to call their own and to raise their babies. Cool weather is the start nesting season but once the cool weather sets in it is very hard to get rid of these unwanted guest. So take this time to critter proof your home. Here is a list of the most common pest you can expect to encounter this winter season:

  • Rats– These invaders often slip into your home looking for a warm place to seek shelter. They tend to make nests in basements, debris, and other dark areas. Rats can fit through openings as small as a ½ inch and are known to gnaw in anything. Aside from the damage they can cause, these pests also carry diseases like jaundice, rat-bite fever, or cowpox.
  • Squirrels– These cute fuzzy-tailed rats will seek shelter from the weather and gladly have their babies in your attic. Like, Rats, they can cause a lot of damage to the wiring and walls of your home. Normally you’ll have no idea that you have these little guys cohabitating as they are very quiet.
  • Raccoons– Otherwise known as Trash Pandas, these little guys are masters of tearing everything apart. They can quickly make a mess of your home and even kill small animals that are not protected. They are carriers of various diseases, such as rabies.
  • Possums– One of the most miss-understood animals in the animal kingdom, possums, may be frightening are in-fact little scaredy cats. They tend to act all tough but are actually quite docile creatures that greatly benefit the environment. Possums are immune to rabies and actively search for ticks to eat. But just like with raccoons, they can destroy an attic, basement or garage and kill small animals.
squirrels nesting in attic

What Can I Do When the Cool Weather Starts

The best way to combat these little intruders is by sealing up any potential openings. Keep a look out for any droppings or signs that you have unwanted guest living under the same roof. Noises at night are usually a dead give away that you have something going on. Make sure that you act fast before it’s too cold or trapping them may not be possible. Keep outside of your home free of trash or clutter as that is like a big invitation for the critters to make your home their home. When in doubt, ask a professional wildlife handler.

surprise house guest

What Can We Do

These are just a few signs and preventative tips you can use to fend off these critters, and every case is different when dealing with a potential infestation. RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area in cities like Lake Mary for over a quarter of a century! Exceptional results you can count on for all your Pest, Lawn and Wildlife needs. As with all of our services, our process starts with a free estimate. Call our offices today @ 321-316-3948 for your free estimate — remember, it’s just gonna get cooler as the days go by and the leaves begin to fall!


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