Creepy Crawlers: Are you ready for Fall Pests?

In the wake of fall, comes pumpkin patches, pumpkin lattes, and the closure of suntan lotion and pool inflatables. But It also brings in the fall creepy crawlers that have been hiding from the sun these past few months. Colder weather will bring them in for heat, and the pests you used to be so glad that you weren’t seeing will make an appearance. What pests do you need to be on the lookout for, and how do you get ready for them?

Creepy Crawlers

And no, I am not speaking about the haunted house you wanted to visit this weekend. When I say creepy crawlers I am speaking of spiders. These 8-legged pests cause this blog writer to almost go into a panic, so I am all about preparing for them before they get to me. Spiders are usually much more scared of us, and although that doesn’t make them less freaky, it does mean that usually they will not bite unless they feel attacked. Fall brings in spider mating season, so you will definitely see an uptick. Although we agree, they are definitely best left outside.

creepy crawlers
fall pests

Roommates with Roaches

I hear it all the time on the phone. People called and freaked out that they saw a cockroach in their home. Trust me, I will be one of them if I find one in my kitchen. These creepy crawlers seek shelter from your home since they are in need of food, water and a warm place to sleep. Your home offers these little guys the perfect place to set up and before you know it you are roommates with roaches. They will typically hang out around drains or pipes, so bathrooms and kitchen, but if you happen to see more than one it is definitely a sign to get us out there because you could have an infestation.

At the end of the day, creepy crawlers are going to be making their way into your home. Get a professional to come by and spot any holes, entrances or any issues your home may have that way you are ready for the fall pests when they roll in.

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