Critter of the Week
Ideal Habitat
Just like us, rodents are warm blooded and will be seeking shelter as the cooler weather starts to move into the Central Florida area.
Ideal Habitat
In an attempt to survive, rodents will enter any vulnerable area of your property in an attempt to burrow and reproduce during the winter months.
Quick Facts
While burrowing, rodents can destroy your property (including wire damage, insulation, etc.)
Quick Facts
Some rodents (roof rats) only need a hole the size of a quarter to gain access to a potential shelter according to the Rodent Control report at Florida Health.
Prevantative Tips
Keep all windows and doors shut. Rodents and other pests alike will use a wide open door just like anyone else would! Keep an eye out for holes in walls or attic areas that may make for potential entry ways.
Preventative Tips
If there's one, there is probably more! If you feel like you have a rodent infestation on your hands, give your friendly, local experts at RH Miller Pest Services a call today @ 407-339-7119!
Preventative Tips
Be sure to keep your yard, shrubs, and bushes groomed if they are near your home. Get rid of clutter -- this includes fire wood stacks as rodents love these types of settings to live in. Also be sure to not leave trash, food, or pet food out over night as this can entice rodents and pests alike!

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