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Do Insects Disappear In The Winter?

Have you or your family experienced any annoying pests this “winter”? Insects are made for adapting in whatever climate changes occur. Although Florida doesn’t necessarily have winter season, the traffic of pests will slow down enough for us to have a pest-free couple months. Regardless of Floridas lack of winter temperatures, pests have many different strategies to withstand climate changes. Nonetheless some of the strategies used will vary from pest to pest. Meanwhile the most well-known strategies that these insects tend to use is migration. These insects are built to adapt to different environments, and will withstand even colder temperatures that we that we experience throughout this season. Speaking of migration…

Where Do The Insects Go?

  • Holes in trees
  • Piles of leaves
  • Under rocks
  • In/Under Logs
  • Tight crawl spaces
  • Lastly, Small cracks in your homes foundation

RH Miller Wants You To Be Insect-Free All Year Round!

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