Do You Know Your Shit?

Do You Know Your Shit? We do. And the importance of knowing your shit in the Pest world is crucial. Pun intended. And it’s simply the easiest way to determine what you have going on in your home. Best of all you done even need to see the critter in question! Each animal’s poop has different characteristics, which makes this an easy way to identify the issue. Let’s take a crash course in poo identification!


Toad poop is almost always bigger than a quarter. When fresh its dark and shiny but as it ages it becomes dull and dry looking.


Bed bug poo appear as a clump of tiny spots. And If sprayed with water, the spots will turn red in color. Also, the poo is normally found in mattresses, sheets, curtains or furniture.


COCKROACH poo looks like dark brown spots that resembles coffee grounds or black pepper. You’ll notice these droppings around baseboards and corners of cabinets in kitchens.


Mouse droppings are small thin pellets roughly 3/16 inch long. Also, the poo has a pointed tip with a slight bulge in the center. Fresh mouse poo is darker in color than that of older poo.

RAT poop is usually dark and pointed at both ends, and is around ½ inch in length. easily noticed as one rat can produce 40-50 droppings a day!

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