Don’t Bat Your Eye

Anytime I think about a bat, I get an immediate image of some vampire movie where the guy turns to a bat and flies away. But real bats are actually much more complex. They are very much living beings, not just vampires looking for some flying time. Don’t Bat your eye tho, because the real life interesting bats have so much to show you.

The Basics

In florida there are 13 different bat species that are native here. Additionally there are 7 more, that are here by accident or only found on occasion. Some of these species like the Florida Bonneted Bat and the Gray Myotis are endangered. Most Florida bats roost (meaning sleep) in structures, tree cavities, under bark, within bridges and buildings and in caves.

dont bat your eye

They are opportunistic feeders and consume food that is readily available. Bats can actually save an estimated billions of dollars each year by consuming agriculture pests and insects that spread disease and damage crops. It’s a myth that bats are blind and only use echolocation to see, but in fact they can see really well. Most bats are small, with there body growing to 2-3 inches and there wing spans from 8-15 inches.

Short Life Spans

It is usually the case that small mammals have short life spans, often only living to about a year. But in multiple studies, bats have shown to live anywhere between 4-30 years in the wild. The average being about 16 years. These lifespans depend on a lot of factors, like where they roost, how many litters they have had, and their size.


In 2006, a disease that was first detected in the US, caused the bat species to perish. This disease is called WNS, so don’t bat your eye. It is a disease that affects hibernation bats, caused by fungus. This fungus will grow on the skin, and result in dehydration, starvation and often death. Bats will give birth to pups, and often only 1-4 per litter. They are only able to reproduce once a year. GIven this, it will take generations before the population of bats can recover from the deadly effects of WNS.

Mating Season

Because of the WNS outbreak, and most bats being endangered, it is illegal to remove or disturb any bats or pups during the bat mating season (April 16th – August 14th). Bats may end up inhabiting buildings and man made structures due to loss of natural roosts and the loss of habitats. There are several ways to tell if a bat is present in your home/building.

If you do not see the bats, listen for chirping during the day, or most times you can even see them fly out of your home/building at dusk when they emerge from roosting. If found in your home/building, please safely exclude them without harming them. Follow the required FWC exclusion techniques or hire a professional. During the Mating season, you have to have a permit to be able to safely remove them.

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