Don’t Let Termite Swarmers Ruin Your Year!

The dreaded termite!

termite swarmer

Termites possess a serious risk to any home or property owner. They’re responsible for over $5 billion in damages each and every year! While many people associate termites with wood, they may be unaware of the fact that there are winged termites, also known as swarmers, whose sole mission in life is to reproduce and spread their colonies. The sound of this may be terrifying, so it is imperative that each and every home or property owner have a solid game plan for termite prevention. So to help, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some key information about these swarmers and will add some preventative tips while we’re at it!

Profile: Termite Swarmers

  • Termites have been around for over 100 million years!
  • They are social insects that live in wood or underground.
  • Swarmers have a broad waist, two sets of wings and have tiny antennae.
  • Swarmers usually begin to emerge after the last freeze of winter, when temperatures reach around 70 degrees.
  • Female termites will release pheromones which will entice male termites to locate and breed with them. Once they kick it off, they become king and queen of a colony of a brand new colony!
  • Queen termites can live up to 30 years!

Use that ace up your sleeve!

Some signs are easier to spot than others. Whatever the case may be, a potential termite infestation is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. If you have suspicion that you may be dealing with a termite threat, contact us today before it’s too late. Termite damage is not typically covered in home owner’s insurance.

Now that temperatures are beginning to warm, we strongly advise that anyone who is uncertain get a termite inspection immediately! We will send out a qualified technician to survey the area and advise on the best course of action. When it comes to your home or business, you don’t want to gamble with termites threatening the structural integrity of any building. RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area in cities like Windermere for over a quarter of a century. Our experts are committed to getting results for your home or business. As with all of our services, our process starts with a free estimate. Call our offices today @ 407-339-7119 to get the ball rolling!


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