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Don’t Let the Florida Sun Ruin Your Yard!

The Heat is ON!!!!

lawnIf you’ve lived in Florida for awhile, you know by now that we’re more in spring than winter and closer to summer than most! With the cold fronts mostly done by now, home and business owners alike can begin to prepare their yards for another scorching summer. Therefore, right now is the best time to turn those bad-looking, patchy yards around.  A properly managed watering / irrigation system is integral to a healthy, lush lawn. To help you achieve this vision, we’ve added some tips that each person who has a lawn should be utilizing:

  • Make sure that your sprinkler system is properly calibrated and you are watering as frequently as recommended for your area.
  • The best time for watering your lawn is in the early morning hours (between midnight and 4 am) so that your lawn can take it in before the hot morning sun rises.
  • Make sure that each section of your yard is getting 30 mins of balanced watering. If you’re unsure, you can try the tuna can test!
  • An inconsistent watering schedule is one of the most common errors when dealing with a patchy lawn.

A sure-fire way to ensure a lush and healthy lawn year round!

Sure, some of these tips may seem pretty obvious, but consistency is key! At the same time, warming temperatures are here and grass is now growing again, and special nutrients will need to be applied to strengthen root growth and help push out newer grass blades. Whether you live in Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Lake Mary, Windermere, or Winter Springs, you should be utilizing these tips or should have someone around who can help keep that yard of yours green! Your lawn should be treated like an extended family member.

RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area for over a quarter of a century. Our experts are committed to getting results for your lawn. As with all of our services, our process starts with a free estimate. Call our offices today @ 407-339-7119 to get the ball rolling. Between fertilizing, weed control, and fending off lawn-destroying insects, lawn care can be a full time job. Our lawn professionals are standing by ready to give your yard the boost it needs!


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