Duck, Duck, Goose?!

Duck, Duck, Goose?! Nope, just Darn Ducks! This is Florida, home to many species of bugs and critters that can be a real pain. But most people don’t think of ducks being in that category. However, Ducks, especially, Muscovy Ducks, can become a Quack-tastic disaster.

Muscovy Ducks are usually classified as a pest species due to their aggressive nature, their droppings, and their tendency to destroy lawns. They tend to live near ponds, or lakes where they can feast on a diet fish, reptiles and various other insects. They will invade the surrounding homes foraging for food and places to lay their eggs. Many times, they become highly territorial and will attack homeowners, children and pets.

Many unknowing people will attempt to feed the ducks which can lead to a population boom. Contrary to popular belief the act of feeding them does not make them tame, in-fact it causes them to lose their natural fear. Which in turn can make them even more aggressive toward anyone or anything that approaches in their territory.

Additionally, Muscovies pose several health threats. For one, their droppings often get into water supplies and seriously affect the quality. For another, Muscovy ducks are known carriers of the avian influenza virus, which can be fatal to both the ducks and humans who contract the disease.

When muscovy ducks get overpopulated in an area, trapping and removal is the most effective way to rectify the problem.  Restriction of feeding is imperative for successful capture and removal.


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