Green Grass: Is my soil making it brown?

Firstly, Soil is the starting building block for your yard. It is where everything starts and if there is something wrong with it, then everything above it will crumble. Secondly, Keeping it strong can be done in a number of ways including aerating. Lastly, it’s important to talk about two of the most common things that go on with soil, and it affects your yard.

Is it soil compaction?

Firstly, Did you know any foot traffic on your lawn as well as any machinery including your lawnmower can compact your soil? Some of the bigger lawnmowers even weigh 1000 pounds and when it is going over the grass it is also compact. This causes the particles to be pressed together which restricts the nutrients the soil gets. If your soil is compacted, have it aerated once a year, or as needed.

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Is it summer scald?

Here’s some more information about summer scald. Firstly, summer scald is when water pools over short periods. Secondly, summer thunderstorms can release large amounts of water in a very short amount of time. Thirdly, direct sunlight following the storm. This causes the sun to produce anaerobic conditions which can cause damage to your soil and in turn your yard. Unfortunately, the only solution for this is to improve your drainage.

Green Grass: Now what?

Even tho we don’t aerate the lawn ourselves, our own lawn experts can explain to you what is causing your yard to be brown, and how to help. When you can’t figure it out, reach out to us. And let the professionals help your grass be green.

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