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Green Grass: Is a pest making it brown?

Pests making my grass brown, do you mean like a snake? Firstly, I actually do not. Secondly, Pests in this case can mean anything from your dog to a skunk to a mole. Thirdly, lets go over what all of these animals can do to your yard.

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Mole tunnels
  • Moles: If you notice that you are seeing mole runs or tunnels that are uneven and difficult to mow that could be a sign you have a mole. DO NOT try to kill the moles by poison baiting their tunnels, it doesn’t work. The moles are there because the soil is infested with grubs and that is their favorite food. The best way to get rid of them is to kill their food source and force them to go to another yard to get their meal.
  • Skunks: They damage turf by rooting for grubs. The best way to get rid of a skunk is the same as a mole. Eliminate the food source so they go elsewhere.
  • Mice: Mice are known to create runways under the turf. They stay near the surface like the moles and they will feed on the tender plants. Contact a professional to help with this. In Conclusion, Mice and rats are colonies so contact someone who can deal with them correctly.
  • Dogs: Firstly, Believe it or not, the effect of your dog’s pee can have a serious effect on your yard. Secondly, It all depends on how much salt is in their urine. Thirdly, If the salt concentration is high then the affected area can be killed. The areas are usually round or very slightly irregular. Lastly, If there is too much nitrogen with a lower salt concentration may actually have dark green patches on your lawn.

Green Grass: Now what?

In Conclusion, Taking care of pests and wildlife is our bread and butter. Let our lawn experts come out when you can’t figure it out. And let the professionals help your grass be green.

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