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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

In Central Florida, pests don’t seem to go away throughout the year. As we slightly transition into new seasons, pests remain on the hunt for safe places to nest, eat, and mate – all of which they can find in or around your home. Many homeowners in the Orlando area ask, “How often should pest control be done?”

While pest treatments aid in addressing ongoing infestations, having routine service will keep your home protected year-round. This can also save you tons of $$$ in the long run!

Now the question is, how often should pest control be done in Orlando?

Residential Pest Control

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

Firstly, Pest Control Professionals recommend that homeowners have a routine service that meets the needs of your home and family. In order to properly evaluate your home’s needs, there are a few factors to consider. For example, we consider the age, condition, current pest issues, as well as the landscaping conditions. When it comes to routine service, we recommend to have your home treated on a quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.

What is Quarterly Pest Control?

Quarterly pest control service conducted on a 3 month basis, which is about 4 times a year. Upon service, the technician will apply residual insecticides which remain effective for the 3 month duration. Treatments for pests such as antsspidersrodents, and roaches will become ineffective after a few months go by. This will leave your home exposed to incoming pests. With quarterly treatments, you are in a great position to protect your home from pests year round.

Benefits of Routine Pest Control Service

Having regular pest control treatments at your home results in countless benefits. For example, routine service will help avoid pest infestations at your home. In addition, routine service will also prevent re-infestations. Not having routine service can create hazard to you and your family, as well as costly damage to your home. To accurately consider the frequency of service, it is best to speak with a professional pest control company. Our technicians can evaluate your home’s needs based on age and condition, landscape characteristics, and current pest issues.

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