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How To Overcome Those Creepy Crawlers

Let’s talk about what you can do to overcome when creepy crawlers enter your home.

Imagine settling down for a quiet evening at home, your cozy sanctuary. But as the sun sets, an unwanted visitor scurries across your kitchen floor – a creepy crawler, me cockroach. These ancient critters have been crashing human habitat for millions of years, and yet, our distaste for them stays as fresh as ever. Why do these six legged intruders find our homes so appealing? More importantly what can we do to keep them away? We’re here to make sure those nasty critters get the message: They’re not welcome!

Insects live in the soil, however due to rain or irrigation they tend to get pushed out. When this happens these critters decide to try and find dry ground. What can you do about it? You can start by checking any exterior doors for cracks or crevices. If there’s sunlight peeking through its more likely other things are also peeking through when your not paying attention. Since most roaches enjoy a dark and muggy environment, when they feel that change in temperature thats coming from the gaps in your doors they know they’ve found what they were looking for. Another way those creepy crawlers enter your home is through a dry drain. Guest bathrooms infrequently used, dishwashers used as a drying rack and not run through a cycle regularly, can leave the drain wide open to insect activity due to no water barrier to make travel easy.

So lets put a stop to it. let us help you overcome those creepy crawlers…

  • Plug up unused drains with a rubber stopper, or run water in unused drains a minimum of 2x per week for 2-3 minutes
  • Bio sanitation foam, white distilled vinegar, and bleach monthly in all drains will help keep organic build-up from being a food source
  • Run dishwasher regularly to keep water barrier inside hose to prevent entry
  • Caulk any cracks or crevices you happen to find in your doors, windows, or even your walls
The Elusive Palmetto Bug A.K.A The American Cockroach

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