Little Buzzing Bloodsuckers

Have you ever wondered where Mosquitoes come from? Why they are so attracted to you specifically, or why your friend reacts to their bite but you don’t? This blog will be all about those little buzzing bloodsuckers, and why they like us so much. The word mosquito is actually Spanish for little fly. They have 4 stages to their life, and generally from egg to adult live about 40 days. Depending on species, sex, and weather conditions, have potential adult life spans ranging from as short as a week to as long as several months. They cannot live in temperatures below 50 degrees, and are most active in temperatures of 50-80 degrees.

Egg Stage

The way mosquitoes lay their eggs on a water surface. They can lay 100-200 eggs during the course of the adult life. They are able to stay afloat by their cigar body shape floaters down their side.

Larva Stage

This stage also involves the eggs to go thru instars. After each instar, the larvae molt, and shed their skin to allow them to further grow. They spend most time in this stage eating algae and bacteria. In this stage, the larva are constantly eating. If something disturbs them they will dive under the surface to avoid it. During this stage they are very jerky, giving them the name wigglers.

Pupa Stage

In this stage they have moved from cigar shape to comma shaped. They actively swim by flipping its abdomen, giving them the name tumblers. They are much less active in this stage because they do not feed at all. After a few days, depending on the temperature, the adult mosquito will emerge.

Adult Stage

Once they are into the adult stage the males will start a swarm, and the females will fly into the swarm to mate. After the females obtain a full blood meal, they will rest for a few days and then drop the newly developed eggs. Females after laying the eggs will then resume mating. The adult mosquito will roughly be between 3 and 6 mm.

Food Sources

A lot of times we think about these little buzzing bloodsuckers as only eating us, but did you know they feed on the blood of various hosts  including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and some fish. They also feed on the blood of humans, and typically prefer those who have type O blood, heavy breathers, high body heat and pregnant women, or simply genetics. In a study it was also found that smelly feet could also be attractive to them.


Mosquito bites can lead from no symptoms to mild all the way to life threatening (which is rare). The are generally known as MBA, mosquito bite allergies. They are excessive reactions to bites that are not caused by toxins or pathogens, but actually in the saliva. Studies have shown that numerous species of mosquitoes can trigger these reactions.


The best you can do is anti itch as they can commonly be found over the counter. You can also look out for medications containing antihistamines. But both topical heat and cooling can be used to treat mosquito bites.

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little buzzing bloodsuckers

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