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Mud Daubers: The Spider-hunting wasps.

Mud Daubers, yeah, you know what it is. Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow. They hear you talk, but there’s nothing that can stop ’em’. These spider-hunting wasps, build characteristic mud nests for their offspring. Generally, mud nests are found around urban structures; which makes them a nuisance for homeowners and business owners. Specifically, the cluster of cells and rectangular structure are what makes the nests easily recognizable.

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Whether it’s Mud Daubers or a 2011 rap song, you might be scared of them but our pest technicians ain’t.

Overall, mud daubers are a nuisance, and removal can be quite tricky. Futhermore, to remove the mud nest, you need a pressure washer; you know they gon’ pay for it. Hit the nest once, and make their world shake. Indeed, they put the petal to the metal, the mud daubers playing a game, now youre balling out for pressure washers at every level.

Soon as they hit the mud, look at the homeowner’s face.

Mud Daubers rarely bother humans unless provoked. However, they will sting as an act of defense. Spiders are their favorite treat. Mud daubers: “Made a mud nest, got another paralyzed spider on the schedule”. Spiders inside, the provisions roarin’. The female mud dauber lays a single egg in each cell of her nest. Basically, Single egg turns larva to start. The female mud daubers (Sceliphron caementarium) supply the larva with up to twenty-five live, paralyzed spiders. No love for em’, mud daubers breakin’ hearts.

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