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Paper Mites: Are They Real Bugs or Not?

Are paper mites real bugs? There is no such creature as a “paper mite”! There are definitely many different types of mites. Primarily, the term renamed the itchy skin condition. In most cases people are not imagining the bites. However, it is common to feel like bugs are biting you when itching.

Additional Causes of So-Called “Bites”

So Called Bites – Possible Causes of So Called Bites, include:

This occurs when fibers develop in a home or office that has paper products! The air in the structures become very dry, which will enable the fibers to float around. Additionally, these fibers are more active from January-August, due to the thunderstorms. The fibers generally get around the feet and ankles, the waistline, and the hands and arms; which causes feelings of itching and bugs biting you, like . This is a sign of Bell’s Syndrome/Delusional Parasitosis. Most importantly, people are not parasitized by bugs and worms! Critters, can be called “paper mites”.

Try this

Vacuum the area to remove many fibers and particles. Clean tabletops, areas under computers, and wipe equipment down will reduce paper fibers flying all over you!

In conclusion, integrated pest management approach rule: do not apply insecticide, unless you find the target insect. After that, apply moisture, to settle the fibers! A humidifier creates moisture and gives relief to the people affected by the “paper mites”.

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