Pest Prevention During a Florida Hurricane


Pest Prevention and Hurricane Season! It’s that time of year again. Don’t get too excited, we’re not talking about the University of Miami’s Football team. Hurricane season in Central Florida begins June 1st and lasts through the month of November. The most active months for these storms are August, September, and October. Storm preparation is extremely important during these active months. It is essential to stock up on supplies, such as water or canned goods, and seek shelter.

Animals, rodents, and insects react to these hurricanes just as humans do. Pests and wildlife seek shelter from strong winds and rising waters. If you live in Central Florida, this could mean you may have unwanted visitors following a big storm. This makes pest prevention

How do hurricanes affect pests and wildlife in Central Florida?

Rising waters, debris, and strong winds can displace the wildlife and insects in your area; forcing these pests to relocate. Animals and pests such as mice, snakes, ants, and mosquitos are greatly affected by these big storms, meaning you may see an increase in these species in or around your home. Finding their way through structural damage, such as holes or gaps, is a natural instinct.

These wildlife and pests are attracted to moisture and debris. Therefore, items that are damaged by floodwaters have the potential to become an optimal breeding ground for some species. Most commonly in Central Florida, we see an influx in the mosquito population. According to the Florida Department of Health, “As little as one teaspoon or bottle cap of water standing for more than one week is enough for mosquitoes to breed and multiply.” These flying insects are known to carry & spread various diseases, making them a nuisance to Central Florida residence. It is recommended to regularly drain any standing water to help prevent the growth in mosquito populations following a hurricane.

Do you need pest prevention after a hurricane?

Short answer: Absolutely! With the influx in certain species’ populations, as well as many animals & pests relocating after a storm. However, Pest prevention specialist’s highly recommend to have pest prevention in Florida. There are many things you can do as a homeowner to help the prevention of pests after a big storm. For example, conducting an inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home to identify any structural issues that may encourage insects & pests to dwell. Draining standing water regularly and removing damaged debris are also excellent ways you can help prevent pests in your home.

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