Trash Thieves: Raccoons in your home

I’m sure once or twice you’ve had to pick up their mess as they’ve gone thru your trash. They look cute, but man can they be such a headache. They get dubbed Trash Bandits and man that nickname suits them. But a lot of the time they aren’t just trash thieves, there looking for a crack or a hole to get into your home. They need shelter from the outside elements just like us and your home can look like a pretty comfortable spot. But some can even be carrying diseases that pose a risk to you and your family. This blog will go over some steps you can take to keep yourself, your family and your home safe.

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Prevention Methods: The little things

Ways to prevent a raccoon from getting in your home or getting back into your home can probably go on and on. Here are the basics. Firstly, Make sure trash cans have lids if you use them to store your trash outside. Secondly, Do not leave any food dishes or pet food dishes outside overnight. Thirdly, If you are doing yard work, always discard your leaf and debris piles. Lastly, Check your fruit trees or garden area, and discard any ripe fruit that falls on the ground.

Prevention Methods: The harder things

A lot of these things are done on the roof. You should use extreme caution and should hire professionals if you feel you can not do the job safely. Firstly, Make sure you get your chimney fitted with a cap. Secondly, Look and repair any cracks or ways they could gain entry on all exterior walls. Also, check the exterior doorways to make sure their aren’t any holes and damage to the porch or pool screens. Thirdly, Check roof damage to see if any are vulnerable to entry. Lastly, examine any trees to make sure they aren’t touching the roof as they can provide a highway for all sorts of pests.

Trash Thieves: If you need us, we are here.

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