Rodents Ruining Your Winter Wonderland?

Before you wonder if you are the only one in Orlando that has rodents ruining your winter wonderland, did you know Orlando is in the top 20 places for rodent infestations? Orlando ranked #15 for cities with bad rodent infestations, although it is the second worst in Florida alone. Tampa edged us out to take first, but this is not something we want to be ranked second in. Here are some ways you can make sure rodents don’t ruin your upcoming season.

rodents ruining your winter wonderland
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Rodents: Helpful Tips

Firstly, Be sure to keep all windows and doors shut. Rodents and other pests will use a wide open door just like anyone else wood to enter! Secondly, Keep an eye out for holes in walls or attic areas. Rodents will look for any vulnerable area to create a highway. This also includes piping throughout your home or business. Thirdly, Be sure to keep your yard, shrubs, and bushes groomed if they are near your home. Fourthly, Be sure to get rid of clusters! This includes firewood stacks! Rodents will jump on the opportunity to turn your cluster into their own cozy home! Lastly, Do not leave trash, food, or pet food out overnight! Unprotected/sealed trash is a breeding ground for not only rats but for all sorts of pests!

Rodents ruining your winter wonderland … Still?

These are just a few signs and preventative tips you can use to fend off these nasty rodents. Every case is different when dealing with a potential infestation. RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area in cities like Winter Park for over a quarter of a century! Our experts are committed to getting results for your home or business.

All of us at RH Miller Pest Services take pride in making sure that you have the prevention you need. Servicing cities like Altamonte Springs, in Central Florida for over 30 years, we have the expertise to get the results you desire! Bugs, Wildlife, or Lawn; we do it all. Find out why we have a 5-STAR rating on Google today! Give us a call at 407-339-7119.


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