Should I Have Winter Pest Control?

Yes! You should have winter pest services! It’s a common misconception that with the cold weather rolling in, familiar pests of warmer months have simply left us until next year. The truth is in the colder months, many insects are looking for a warm place to live. Also mice and other rodents are looking for a place to raise their young.

Five reasons to Have Quality Pest Control in the winter months:

  1. Mice and rats. Mice and rats require only a tiny opening or crack to gain entry into your home. They can enter through your attic and destroy walls, wires and anything they can sink their teeth into!
  2. Wood destroying insects. Carpenter ants and termites destroy the home from the inside out, so you really never see the damage until it is too late. If you find carpenter ants during the winter, it is an indication that they are nesting inside walls, floors or decaying wood.
  3. Sealing your home. The early winter is the best time seal up before mice seek shelter in your home or business. They will check the areas where utilities and pipes enter the home. A Mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime.
  4. Dormant insects. Many insects will hide in the attic or basement in late fall and early winter to escape the frigid winter temperatures.  Then as the weather warms, they can easily find their way into your living spaces. Good Pest control now will ensure that you don’t have issues when the weather gets warmer.
  5. Spider webs and nests. Removing webs, nests and egg cases may help prevent pests from reemerging in your home when the weather becomes warmer. Some creatures are hardwired to return to certain places, but if you get rid of all the reasons for them to return, you increase the probability that you’ll finally be saying a permanent “goodbye” to them.

Winter Time or Anytime- We Got Your Back!

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