Silverfish: Nuisance or Nothing to worry about

We all know them as box bugs, or at least that’s what my mom called them growing up. They are little bugs with a lot of legs that look harmless enough but did you know they could end up ruining your property or some of your possessions? Let’s dive into Silverfish and see if they’re just a nuisance or if they are truly nothing to worry about.

Silverfish: What are they

So let us dive into what we know about them. Firstly, did you know Silverfish actually get their name from their color? Their scales are almost always silver, and when they aren’t silver they are metallic brown. Secondly, they are also called bristletails because of the three bristles they have at the end of their body. Thirdly, most commonly they are found in bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms because they like moist and humid places. Fourthly, they feed on a range of household items like books, photographs, documents, and other stuff that contains sugar and starch. Lastly, they can breed very rapidly which can cause an infestation to escalate quickly but they can not fly or bite just run very quickly.

When are they a problem?

Can silverfish even be a problem? Yes, A 2015 study found that people can even be allergic to silverfish. And if they have some in their home they may experience respiratory symptoms. Let’s explain how they become a problem. Firstly, when they shed their scales contain a protein called tropomyosin. This is what can cause an allergic reaction. Secondly, if you notice any feeding marks, notches, or holes on a surface you regularly see them around. Lastly, if you see their scales, yellow stains, or tiny black pellets around where you see them.

Silverfish: How do I get rid of them

Silverfish are a hard infestation to tackle by yourself. They can survive with no food and no water for long periods of times, and most chemical baits you buy over the counter are not effective. If you think you may have a silverfish infestation give us a call. Let us come and have a look to give you the peace of mind you need.

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