Snakes: The type to worry about

With summer quickly approaching, we will be digging into all the trouble you could get into it. That could be from the tiniest of pests to the largest of wildlife. Today’s topic is snakes: the type to worry about. Because let’s face it, there are two kinds of people in this world. Firstly, the type that would see a snake and run inside. Secondly, the type that would see a snake and run to get the shotgun. So let’s see if we can’t give you a little more insight on snakes: the type to worry about.

Florida Cottonmouth

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If you live in Central Florida, you know you live near a lot of wetlands. You could have a pond in your backyard, or a lake pretty close by. Here are some facts about Cottonmouths. Firstly, they are known to be found near every wetland habitat but they can also be found up to a mile away from any water. Secondly, They are usually 30-48 inches. Thirdly, there opportunistic eaters, eating what they can catch, which is usually fish, lizards, birds, frogs and other snakes including cottonmouths. Lastly, They usually will not strike until it is a last resort. If bit, please seek medical attention as their bite is extremely venomous.

Diamondback Rattlesnake

One of the largest snakes in Central Florida is the Diamondback Rattlesnake. Here are some facts about them. Firstly, they can get to be as big as 3 feet all the way to 6 feet long. Secondly, they live in woodlands, scrubland, and swamps, but have been known to be spotted miles from it. Thirdly, their diet consists of mainly rodents, rabbits, and birds. Lastly, they are highly venomous and can make repeated strikes up to two-thirds of their body length.

Coral Snake

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If you’ve seen this red, yellow and black snake before you know to be aware. Let’s dive into the facts about this one. Firstly, it will grow to 20-30 inches long. Secondly, it is mostly confused with the king snake that has a pattern very similarly. The way you can tell them apart is if the red and black are touching you’re in the clear and if the red and yellow are touching get the heck outta here. Thirdly, they usually live in hammocks and flat woods, but can be seen in open areas as well. Lastly, their venom is so venomous that it contains enough to kill 5 people. Thankfully it can’t release it all in one bite.

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