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Spring Time Shivers

April Showers can bring May Flowers, but what can May Flowers bring? Spring Time Shivers, that’s what! A lot of the time, you may notice your yard or lawn becoming a treat for some bugs. Then one day, they disappear. What brings them out, and then makes them go away? Believe it or not, most insects have a season! One season where they run crazy, and then just like a bad dream, you wake up and they’re gone. Let’s dive into some of the pests that can give you Spring Time Shivers near Winter Springs, Florida. Most importantly, what you can do to get rid of them.

Stinging Insects

A lot of the time you may not even be able to tell the difference between the yellow thing that is flying towards you, that you just pray doesn’t sting you. Stinging insects include bees, hornets and wasps. As plants begin to bloom, you will notice an uptick in these flying stinging insects.

While the bees are all about the pollen, they will sting in self defense. It’s usually the case for the male bees to be out collecting pollen, and the males do not even have stingers. Bees will look furry because they are covered in feather like hair, that holds the pollen when they are flying.

Now the wasps, are a whole different story. Fun fact, did you know all hornets are wasps, but not all wasps are hornets. Just like bees, only the female wasps and hornets contain stingers. The 2 main hornets are European hornet and the bald face hornet. If you have ever looked into a tree and seen a huge nest, that is made by the bald face hornet. The European hornet, which is typically mistaken for a yellow jacket, typically lives underground.


Another pest that likes to come around in spring time is the Mosquito. A lot of times we think about these little buzzing bloodsuckers as only eating us, but did you know they feed on the blood of various hosts  including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and some fish? They also feed on the blood of humans, and typically prefer those who have type O blood, heavy breathers, high body heat and pregnant women, or simply genetics. In a study it was also found that smelly feet could also be attractive to them.


Ants typically go underground during the winter months, however, in Winter Springs Florida the temps can go from one extreme to the next. Mix in the rains we have had and that will drive the little buggers up instead of down. These little ants will then be on the lookout for more warmth, food, and water. And, what is warmer than a home with heat blasting, food, and crumbs left out and pipes with running water? Once inside they have all they need to feel right at home, and will take advantage.

Prevention Methods

A lot of times it can seem scary, but take a breath. No matter what, there are always preventions you can try. Limit all food sources that attract pests. Throughly clean up anytime you cook in the kitchen. Eliminate any leaky faucets, or potential sitting water sources. Keep grass cut short. Declutter as much as you don’t need, and try not to use cardboard as much as you can.

With the spring time shivers being in full effect, all of us at RH Miller Pest Services take pride in making sure that you can have peace of mind. Servicing cities like WInter Springs, in Central Florida for over 29 years, we have the expertise to get the results you desire! Bugs, Wildlife, or Lawn; we do it all. Find out why we have a 5 STAR rating on Google today! Give us a call at 407-339-7119.

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