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The Lubber Grasshopper in Orlando

“I’m a lubber, not a fighter”, is how I’m sure the Lubber Grasshopper makes his move in children’s books. But when it comes to humans, these may be one of your worst nightmares. The Lubber Grasshopper is extremely hard to get rid of because of its tough external shell. The way to do it, manage while they’re young and haven’t gotten a chance to breed yet. Let’s dive in, and learn all about these jumpy little pests.

The Basics

This grasshopper is well known in the South East part of the USA; found in Florida and Georgia. In cities like Orlando, the heart of Central Florida, the Lubber numbers can be large enough to cause serious damage to crops and landscaping. You’ll know it’s the lubber grasshopper by its colorful patterns. Usually yellow, they can also be black and they are every tint of those colors. The males can measure 43-55 mm, and the females often measure 50-70 mm, and can even grow up to 90 mm. Because it can not fly, and is poor at jumping you will often see these grasshoppers walking.


Like chickens, these insects breed and lay eggs. Their eggs can be yellowish or brown in color and are usually very small. The eggs are laid in rows of 30-50. They need temperature of 70 degrees for 3 months, and then will hatch when exposed to hotter degrees which we see in Orlando most of the year. This is why the southeastern states will see the most of them.


The interesting thing about the Lubber Grasshopper, is actually how it has evolved overtime, as stated by the University of Florida. These creatures have evolved to have bright color patterns because it shows predators that they don’t taste good. They will let out a chemical discharge which smells so bad it makes their predators not want to eat them. I guess insects also eat with there eyes/nose first.

How to stop the Lubber Grasshopper

Sometimes it can be as easy as not keeping the light on outside; they are highly attracted to the light since they eat in the dark. Others can be doing a power spray on the plants/building while they are very young, this way there hard shell has not come in. Once their hard shell is in full effect, they are almost impossible to get rid of.

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The Lubber Grasshopper

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