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The Most Common Lawn Diseases In Florida

Floridas climate can be great, although its great amount of rainfall makes our lawns look unattractive, while also making our lawns prone to disease and fungus. The most common lawn diseases in Central Florida are: Dollar spot lawn disease, Brow patch fungus, Lawn rust disease, and Red thread fungus. Differing lawn fungus to another can be difficult, to be able to properly identify your lawn diseases and to get it properly treated call your local pest control company! Heres a little on how they look and some tips about them!

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

Evidently dollar spot is a disease that is most common during late spring – late fall. Dollar Spot afflicts yards with solid circles of infected grass.

Brown Patch Fungus

Brown patch fungus is most common in the cooler and moist months. It generally starts of small and continues to grow. The best advice is to not water them, they will heal themselves!

Lawn Rust Disease

Lawn rust disease is a lawn disease that occurs in the late summer – mid fall. It looks as yellowish-orange powder located on your grass. This disease slow grass growth and could harm pests.

Red Thread Fungus

Red thread is a disease that appears to be in red and pink patches on your lawn. This disease is most common in late spring – early summer. Although this disease does not kill your grass it can attract other diseases without proper care.

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