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Common Pest Myths! Are They True Or False

True or False: you’ve heard tons of things about pests. From a cockroach will stay out of a clean kitchen, to bees only sting once. But how many of these things are actually true. And how many are complete myths? Let’s dive into it with some common pest myths.

Kinda truth: Bees

Let’s talk about myths that are associated with bees. Firstly, Bees are said to only be able to sting you once, and then they can’t sting you again. This is technically correct, but you have to be very specific. ONLY Honeybees can only sting you once. Other stinging insects, like yellow jackets, hornets, and other types of bees can sting you as many times as they want. Secondly, that bees won’t mess with you if you don’t mess with them. This one is kinda tricky because it is true. But, they will attack if their home feels threatened and that can come from you simply walking too close to their nest. Lastly, can you outrun a bee by diving underwater? That one is true but it will not stop the bees from hovering above the water and waiting for you.

False: Mosquitoes

Let’s talk about two myths that are associated with mosquitoes. Firstly, that mosquitoes are only out at dusk, when the sun sets. This is completely false. Mosquitos are typically more active at dusk and dawn, but as long as they have food available they can be out at all hours. Secondly, that bug zappers eliminate mosquitoes. This one is again, completely false. Bug zappers don’t usually use enough power to actually kill the insect so it can have a reverse effect around your home. Also, mosquitoes aren’t even attracted to the UV light so they tend not to go anywhere near it.

True or False: Random

Firstly, that mice love cheese. We have all seen the mice go crazy over cheese in cartoons but true is that in real life. While mice will eat just about anything they prefer snacks that are high in sugar like peanut butter, candy, and honey. Secondly, that cockroaches only like you if your house is dirty. Cockroaches will enter your home for 3 things: food, water, and shelter. If your home provides that, they like it, regardless of the cleanliness level. Lastly, that if you don’t see any bugs they aren’t there. Termites, bedbugs, ants, and other pests can cause damage for months and even years before you see any signs of damage.

Pest Control itself has a lot of myths that go around, but one thing that is true is the most effective way to avoid any infestations is prevention. Contact a professional to go over your home, find the entry points you might have missed, and help you with the chemicals only they can get.

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