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What are Brown Basilisks or “Stripped Basilisks”

Brown Basilisk’s are long and thin species of lizards. They’re found in tropical regions like Mexico, Columbia, and Central America. Basilisks are brownish-beige colored with yellow or orange stripes starting from the head and moving along their abdomens. Male Basilisks are larger and have large crest on their heads, back, and tails. Brown Basilisks will spend a majority of their time in trees, around bodies of water, they also try to dive into the water to avoid predators! When they’re threatened they will stand up on their back legs, using its tail to keep steady as it runs super quickly. One interesting fact about Basilisks is they they can walk on water for a short period of time, due to their hydrophobic scales on the bottom of their feet. Another interesting fact is that they have a life span of 7-8 years!

Facts About Brown Basilisks


Brown Basilisks are omnivores; meaning they eat vegetation and meat. They eat insects and they also eat fish and frogs. Even though they love meat, they’ll typically go after insects because they’re easier to catch.


Brown Basilisks love the hot and sunny weather, they also love the water. Basilisks are semi-aquatic and semi-arboreal. Basilisks will live near bodies of water where its hot and sunny.


Adult Brown Basilisks range from about 4.5-6.5 inches long. Males are larger than females; including their long tails, their bodies range from about 11-27 inches long altogether.

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