What’s bugging you? A questionable New Year tale.

As we enter January 2021 and leave behind the instability of 2020, we really want to know how we can help, tell us “what’s bugging you?”

Take some of the pressure off yourself. Here in Florida we are well into the unstable temp-change season. With some days cold all day, and some cold in the morning getting hotter as the day goes on, the insects are very temperamental. Especially ants! As fascinating and resourceful as ants can be, they are never invited, and almost always discovered with the drop of a crumb too little to see. You can start the day free and clear of any activity, and have an infestation by the afternoon as insects scramble to gather food with the heat of the day.

There may also be the chance that rodents may have found shelter from the cold in your attic. Now is the time to take action and prevent such invasions. We will evict them for you. Now, we can’t do much when it comes to the 2-legged family type of pests, you’re kinda on your own there, but there is something we can do about the uninvited insect/rodent types. As a professional, it is of the popular opinion and highly recommended that you call a locally, family owned and operated pest control company, with an A+ BBB rating, and tremendously high Google reviews who can provide all of your pest control, wildlife, lawn, and termite issues all in one place…hmmm, where to find one?…hate to play favorites (clears throat). Let us help you with the 4+-legged pest issues that threaten your peace, so you can deal with the 2-legged ones without outside influence adding to the stresses.

We wish you a Happy New Year, and look forward to serving you for another 22 years!


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