Whats Bugging You Out! Fear Or Phobia?

Whats Bugging You Out, Fear Or Phobia? Does the sight of a bug cause you to feel light-headed or maybe nauseated? Or maybe it just gives you the creeps. Either way, many people have adverse reactions to the creepy crawlies. The reactions to bugs can vary greatly, from dislike to outright running-screaming fear. However, extreme fear responses can cause issues for some people in their normal activities and may become medical conditions requiring treatment. Fears and Phobias overlap in symptoms except for one crucial aspect. A phobia, as opposed to a fear, will cause such a reaction that it will effect your quality of life and/or their ability to function.

Knowing the Difference- Fear Or Phobia

While the debate is out there, many scientist believe that phobias stem from traumatic event that stem from childhood. When a young child has a scary experience with bugs, the impression on the mind can last throughout their lives. Like a scar that never fully heals, the impression of the event can carry over into adulthood. Many times the experience can morph into the child’s mind overtime and cause irrational emotional and physical symptoms. Exposure to similar situations later in life can trigger the previous fear and anxiety felt in the past. In these cases, deep intensive therapy is often required to a very basic quality of life.

As for Fears, most scientist conclude that conditioning and genetics are likely the key to a fear of bugs. While not pleasant, and can be challenging, a fear of bugs is controllable. And in-fact, having a natural fear is a good thing, as in it keeps children from wanting to play with a bug that could be harmful, if not deadly. With a fear, you may experience many uncomfortable symptoms, but they wont cause you to avoid situations all together.

Fears can be managed

Don’t Bug Out!

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