Why Is My Lawn Brown in the Winter?

Lawns go dormant during late fall and early winter in many parts of Florida. This results in a not so beautiful brown grass that anyone would think is dead. While there is nothing wrong with the grass itself many will welcome any opportunity to still have beautiful green grass in the winter months. If you are one of those who takes pride in their lawn and don’t want your grass to go brown, here are a few tips for you:

Winterizing your Lawn- Keeping the Brown Away!

  • Over-seeding involves seeding a temporary cool-season grass over the permanent warm-season lawn.
  • Ryegrass is the best choice for over-seeding home. Rye-grasses die out as temperatures rise in the spring.
  • Ryegrass grow fast, are adaptable, and can tolerate close, and frequent mowing.
  • For Central Florida, lawns should be over-seeded from October to early December.
  • Make sure Daytime temperatures are consistently in the low to mid 70°F range.
  • Preparation is important! It involves thoroughly raking the grass to remove all debris and mowing the lawn lower than normal.
  • Use a broadcast spreader for the best coverage during seeding. Walk in one direction while seeding then go back over it at an angle. This will ensure even coverage.
  • Ensure the seed reaches the grass and contacts the soil by raking the ground with a stiff broom after sowing.
  • Watering is the last step to establishing a winter lawn, and it is the most important because the seeds won’t germinate without moisture.
  • Lightly apply water for 10 to 20 minutes once or twice a day until the seeds have germinated—this usually takes about 7 to 10 days. 
  • Water daily, for 2-3 weeks until the seedlings have rooted into the soil. But don’t overwater; overwatering could wash seeds away and encourage disease development. 

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Once established, winter lawns require the same maintenance as permanent lawns, so remember to mow, water, fertilize, and control pests. RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area in cities like Heathrow. Our professionals are determined to give you the lawn you deserve! As with all of our services, our process starts with a free estimate. Call our offices today @ 407-339-7119 to get the ball rolling. Between fertilizing, weed control, and fending off lawn-destroying insects, lawn care can be a full time job. Our lawn professionals are standing by ready to give your yard the boost it needs!


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