Brown Patch Fungus; Another Glory of Winter

Brown Patch Fungus; Another Glory of winter. Well, after hearing everything that occurs in winter it doesn’t feel as safe anymore! We are happy to get rid of weeds and of course we get another visitor. Rest assured, it’s not as scary as it sounds. 

What Is Brown Patch Fungus?

Brown Patch fungus is common in the cooler months in the year. Typically, it will form when either high humidity, excessive irrigation or rainfall leave the grass damp for more than 48 hours. Also, it is more likely to form on not well maintained lawns, very stressed lawns from the summer season or lawns with poor soil quality. Lastly, Brown Patch Fungus is a foliar disease so it only affects the leaf blades, it does not have any effect on the roots. Therefore, once addressed or when conditions get better, the grass will grow back fine. However, if you get it one year, typically it will come back year after year.

Signs Of Brown Patch Fungus

-Starts as small patches that turn yellow and then reddish brown, brown or straw colored from leaves dying.

-Can also form in rings of yellow or brown

-These patches formed can expand to several feet in diameter

-Soft, dark rot occurs at the base of the leaf

-Rotted grass blades can be easily pulled off the stem

-The base of the pulled leaf tends to have a rotted odor

Brown Patch Fungus

Prevention and Treatment

It is best to water once a month in the winter season. Too much water will be prime for this fungus to grow. Secondly, make sure you keep your lawn healthy and well maintained throughout the year to have the highest chance at prevention. Thirdly, having a regular Lawn service that keeps your lawns needs met each season year round. So, if you do have Brown Patch Fungus make sure you DO NOT walk or mow through it. When a mower or anything goes through the patches it will spread. If you already have it, as soon as you notice it call your lawn care company to come treat it as soon as possible to prohibit the growth and give you the best recommendations on helping your lawn.

Sure, some of these tips may seem pretty obvious, but consistency is key! Brown patch fungus is in the soil year-round, but only activates when temperatures drop. So, be on the lookout! RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area for over a quarter of a century. Our experts are committed to getting results for your lawn. As with all of our services, our process starts with a free estimate.To get your free estimate scheduled today call our office at 407-339-7119.


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