RH Miller Pest Services

Wildlife Control

Wild animals do not belong on your property nor in your home! To better serve our community, we provide safe and humane wildlife trapping and exclusion services for both commercial and residential properties in Central Florida.

You may be hearing noises in the attic, or crawl space, or smelling something funky.  We offer free inspections to identify the problem, and can typically take care of you on the same day.

Some common wildlife animals that we trap and/or remove are:

  • snakes
  • squirrels and raccoons
  • feral cats
  • opossum and armadillos
  • bats and birds
  • rats and mice


squirrel removal
baby raccoon

Trouble at home? From the basic trapping and removing, to Wildlife Exclusions we come highly recommended in Central Florida.  Wildlife Exclusions are highly recommended to keep critters from coming back, especially in situations where birds and bats are involved. We provide minor damage repairs, and seal off hiding spaces and entry ways. Our thorough inspections will identify all points of entry.

Common wildlife removals may require a follow-up visit. We recommend that all interior spaces affected be decontaminated and deodorized after your pests have been removed. Technicians may advise that an attic restoration be completed upon pest removal to prevent re-entry and future home invasions in that area, depending on the activity and amount of debris left behind.

Sometimes, a dead animal is found on the property. RH Miller Pest Services offers a removal service to remedy any odor that may emit from a carcus.