Palmetto bug or Cockroaches: Which is it?

Growing up in Florida I remember Palmetto bugs as the flying cockroaches that used to attack us if we ever left the door open too long. I also remember one time hearing that they are hissing cockroaches. It led me to question what is the difference and how to know if it was a palmetto bug or cockroaches. This blog will explore all about what palmetto bugs and cockroaches are and what (if any) difference they have.

palmetto bug or cockroach
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What is a Palmetto bug?

Firstly, A Palmetto bug is actually just various species of a cockroach. Secondly, They can even classify them as beetles. Thirdly, They got the name because certain species of cockroaches are found hanging around Palmetto trees. Lastly, most often found in the Southeastern US, mainly in South Carolina and Florida.

Palmetto bug or Cockroaches?

The truth is there is no difference. Palmetto bug is just a term. Firstly, The most common cockroach called a palmetto bug is an American cockroach. Secondly, There red-brown and have a very light yellow band around them. Thirdly, They are most active on warm summer days. Lastly, They are found in basements, sewers, and wood piles.

So either way, I have cockroaches?

In conclusion, It is best for a pest control expert to take a look and determine what kind they are. There are more than 4000 different species of cockroaches. Our technicians can identify which they are. Most importantly, how to get them out of your home.

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