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How Do I Know If I Have Formosan Termites?

Finding out your home is invested with termites is surely every homeowners worst nightmare! Termites are very invasive and dangerous pests, the damage they make to wooden structure is much worse than floods and fires. Formosan Termites are very different from other species, which means you’ll definitely need a local pest control professional for proper precautions to defeat these pests!

Formosan Termite Destruction

What Are Formosan Termites?

Formosan termites, also known as “Coptotermes Formosanus” usually are known to be the most aggressive and destructive species in the country! Hence their large colony size, they attack wood at a much faster rate than subterranean termites. Formosan termites feed on wood and other materials like cardboard, paper, asphalt plaster, plastics, foam insulation boards, and lead/copper sheeting. Generally formosans are brownish-yellow color, their heads are rounded on sides and narrow towards the front, and they have clear wings that are covered with small hairs. Safe to say they’re not the prettiest looking creatures!

Overall Signs of Formosans

  • Mud tubes coming up your home
  • Damp/Moist patches of wood
  • Blistered paint on your home
  • Damaged wood
  • Soft areas in your flooring
  • Bubbled wallpaper
  • Or especially even seeing a termite, or its discarded wings!

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