Insects; Super Cool and Fun Facts You May Or May Not Have Heard Before!

Insects; Super cool and fun facts you may or may not have heard of. So, I know we usually talk about how bad or good certain insects are. However, even these little creatures were designed with real interesting capabilities! Typically, we look at insects as a nuisance. Therefore, some may wonder how there is even anything cool or interesting about them. Well, be ready to be surprised because there are many things to learn. And yes, even about insects…

Insects;  5 Fun Facts

  1. House flies have taste buds on their feet! Also, their taste buds on their feet are 10 Million times more sensitive than the human tongue. Could you imagine the flavors we could taste???
  2. Fermented fruits make bees a bit buzzed. Therefore, I’m sure we’ve all got the best images in our head of what drunk bees look like 😀 In all seriousness, it only takes a tiny drop of alcohol to make bees drunk. But, watch out as it tends to make them more irritable! 
  3. It takes how many flowers to make 1 pound of honey??? Well, there’s a good reason we have the saying “you’re a busy bee”. Busy indeed…It takes 2 million flowers to make just 1 pound of honey!! So, enjoy your honey, hunny cause that stuff definitely doesn’t get made over night!
  4. Next, I may touch a sensitive spot with some people on this one. I know we like to believe the earth is ours, we’ve been here for thousands of years and humans are the best yada yada… However, digest this one…Insects have been present for about 350 Million years! Oh and humans you’re wondering? We’ve only been here for about 300,000 years…ouch..that hurt..So, just in case you think you can outsmart the insects…remember, respect your elders..
  5. Now, if you thought 5+ kids was a lot of kids, get this. A Termite Queen lays over 30,000 eggs in just one day! Now that must be one tired and stressed mama!

The More You Know!

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