Mosquitoes; Myth or Truth?

Mosquitos; Myth or Truth? Well, like all things there are myths about mosquitos and some you may have heard before. So, we’ve all heard of the telephone game…..However, I think one fact we can all agree on is that they are pain, sometimes literally… Mosquitoes are something we are all used to living with and don’t know much about. Let’s talk about one of the deadliest summer annoyances. 


Mosquitoes; 5 Myths Debunked and The Truth

Myth 1: Every mosquito bites you

Fact 1: Females are the only mosquitoes that bite. The reason being, they need the nutrients from blood to produce eggs. Therefore, Male Mosquitoes only eat plant matter

Myth 2: Everywhere in the world has mosquitos

Fact 2: In fact, Mosquitoes have not been found in Antarctica. Also, according to the CDC the type of Mosquitoes that carry Zika are typically not found at elevations 6500 ft or higher.

Myth 3: Mosquito borne illnesses in the US are not a big deal

Fact 3: Flea, Tick and Mosquito illnesses have tripled in the US over the last 13 years. Secondly, there have been 9 new germs discovered that are spread by Mosquitoes and ticks between 2004-2016. 

Myth 4: A mosquito dies after it bites you

Fact 4: While this Myth may be true if you happen to catch and smack the little bugger! However, in reality, no mosquitoes do not die after they bite. They will just keep coming back and munching away.

Myth 5: Alcohol does not attract mosquitoes to you

Fact 5: Interestingly enough, there have been some small studies that have shown drinking a few beers makes you more attractive to mosquitoes. Guess we aren’t the only ones that like to party…hehe

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