Mice and Rats Can Chew Through What Materials?!?!

Mice and Rats; It may be cooling down, but they are just warming up!

Mice and Rats; Were you aware that Orlando ranks in the top 50 most rodent infested cities in the United States? So, while this may be hard to believe, rats go about their daily routines behind closed doors (or walls). Unfortunately, rodents of all shapes and sizes are known for their need to chew on anything. Therefore, their menu may consist of cable wires, wood, insulation, furniture. . . you name it, they’ll chew on it! Lastly, with that said, here are a few tips you can use this winter season to keep these destructive little beasts out of your home or business:

  • Rodents and other pests will use a wide open door just like anyone else would to enter!
  • Rats and mice will look for any vulnerable area to create a highway. As a result, piping throughout your home or business are vulnerable. You should keep an eye out for holes in walls or attic areas.
  • Get rid of clutter! This includes fire wood stacks! Rodents will jump on the opportunity to turn your clutter into their own cozy home!
  • Do not leave trash, food, or pet food out over night! Unprotected/sealed trash is a breeding ground for not only rats, but for all sorts of pests!
  • Groom plants near your home. Including, the yard in general, shrubs and bushes.

A sure-fire way to guarantee a mouse and rat-free winter!

Mice and Rats

These are just a few signs and preventative tips you can use to fend off these nasty rodents. Also, keep in mind, every case is different when dealing with a potential infestation. RH Miller Pest Services has been immersed in the Central Florida area in cities like Oviedo for over a quarter of a century. Our experts are committed to getting results for your home or business. As with all of our services, our process starts with a free estimate. Call our offices today @ 407-339-7119 to get the ball rolling — remember, when the temperature drops, the critters are on the move!


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