Ticks: Sucking the fun out of your summer

Ticks ruin all the fun, from you to your pets, they just seem to cause an extra challenge to your summer. Florida is home to 5 different types of ticks, all having their own particular concern. Did you know ticks are not an insect and are actually arachnids, closely related to spiders and mites? Ranked up with mosquitoes, they are considered one of the main concerns for public health. Lets dive into all about them, and things to do to hopefully help them not ruin your summer.

Florida Ticks

Starting off did you know that Florida not only has a deer tick, but also a brown and an American dog tick? Here are some interesting things about Florida Ticks. Firstly, The deer tick, more typically known as the black-legged tick can be found in heavily wooded areas as well as edges of forests. Secondly, American dog ticks are found in grassy fields and the fun fact you are more likely to be bitten by adult females. Thirdly, brown dog ticks are ticks you find inside your home or in kennels, and are primarily found on domestic dogs. Lastly, the lone star tick is going to be the ones most found on humans.

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Precautionary Steps

Here are some key things to do about ticks. Firstly, reducing the likelihood that a tick can bite you is key. Wear long pants and tuck them into your socks, and use chemical repellent. Secondly, make sure you are performing tick checks after outdoor activities on you and your pet. Thirdly, when removing a tick make sure to grab as close to your skin as possible to try and remove the whole tick. Lastly, be very careful not to grab the tick’s abdomen because the gut contents can contain certain bad pathogens.

Above all else, if you are finding ticks outside or inside your home do not try and tackle the issue alone. Call us, and let the professionals have a look.

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