Wasps; Nesting Habits and Why They Keep Coming Back

Wasps; Why do they keep coming back to the same spot we knock down their nest from? Furthermore, this is probably one of the most popular question we get. As sometimes, they rebuild their nest the day after you knocked them down. Aggravating right? As all things with nature there is reason behind why they do what they do. 

Wasps; Why They Come Back

There are many reasons or theories as to why wasps come back to the same spot. First, it’s all about location and habitat. Wasps prefer to build a nest where they will be safe from wind, rain, and exposure. For example, eaves of the home. It is a perfect location because its high and dry, protected from wind and nice and warm. Also, along with good location is good food source. If they have a good food source and resources for nest building alone, it creates a perfect environment for them.


Second, being the lovely pheromones. Pheromones are a chemical that wasps use to communicate, mark territory, and for alarm and attack. Even if a nest is knocked down, the pheromone trail remains. When the wasps detect the pheromones of their colony they will rebuild near the location of the last nest that was knocked down. Pheromones are also why it could be dangerous to knock down a nest when not knowing what you are doing. If a member or a nest is being threatened, the alarm pheromones send signals to the rest of the colony and they all come to attack. Therefore, it is safest to call in your local pest control company to professionally handle wasps nests.


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